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To Wash Away
Pictures and emotions cannot form
the words that described my love for you.
Subtle forms and delicate shapes of memory
that have faded over the years
are now poisoned by the ink from my pen,
the spit from my words,
the bile from my thoughts,
and the salt from my tears.
As the wind blows anticipating change,
the horizon shines promising a brighter tomorrow;
and I have come to realize, and to accept,
that the horizon doesn't shine for me.
:iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 0 0
Two days to a quarter,
those words read aloud;
not by the author,
but by her lover
midst in a crowd.
A day later promised
a call on the phone.
One for half past twenty
found him lost but not alone.
Like the flame of a candle
in the pouring rain,
so would their fire continue; but strained.
Before our last candles wane,
Before  t h i n g s  fall away;
Make haste to salvage the lost
before the day ends,
And before our romance fades.
I hold one last gift for you,
words as dear as you to my heart:
You're the only woman I've ever truly loved,
and with your spirit I will never part.
Two words that meant the world
I'm sure mean nothing anymore.
And for that, yours and mine
may fade with the passing of time
and the in coming of twenty-five days.
:iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 0 5
Nine grand by ronnietheoutlawtorn Nine grand :iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 0 3
Words are exchanged, time and time again.
Love never seems more than feigned;
Life is torture in a beautiful way...
We deserve so much more than we've portrayed.
A thirst within me that won't be quenched,
A godly feeling I can't pretend,
Gone again, with the day's end
When a sweet good night is all that's said...
You render me untouchable (in more ways than one),
Fearless, hopeless, and even scorned.
And when you say I deserve so much more...
You cut me again, to steal my heart's warmth.
Five words couldn't hurt any more.
Poison-tipped, they freeze my very soul.
For when you speak them, I know.
There's a veil over your eyes as black as coal.
These words will be a meaningless lyric.
:iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 3 3
The Devil Within Me
The Devil [is][in] Me
Sown in the mortal world is He,
That which obstructs all we could be.
He defines our actions from all that we see.
The Devil has you, a different has me.
Two forevers have been spent,
And at two have not end.
For I lie not and not even so bend
Lest I know you would too, my only Friend.
These words are not for you, but rather He
Who's name I dare not speak.  To you, fiend:
"Of thou I condemn the foulest decree,
For thou hath bled my heart, and now stand to watch it weep."
A tale not unlike that of Lancelot,
Dare to bring the same ending plot?
By the Holy Spirits, I will not.
Give me the strength (lest our time be of naught),
To tear the Devil from inside of me,
To free me for all eternity.
Lend me your hand and you will see,
That you and I are all we need.
Were it simple as that, would it be done.
This battle of Love in the end will be won.
To the victor go the spoils, to the victor will be sung,
But after every conclusion, outside is one.
The Devi
:iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 3 11
7000 by ronnietheoutlawtorn 7000 :iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 0 5
Thielen's Pain
Thielen's Pain
With none to carry his name.
Cold night;
The man was not to blame.
Lucifer left his mark tonight.
Black smoke kept him at bay.
The Darkness now masks the Light;
And the man falls from Eternal Day.
The house remains,
Cold and strong,
Along with Thielen's pain.
Alone, for one hour long.
Do you care?
Or know his name?
Speak it, I dare.
You only sympathize for fame.
:iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 1 4
Eternal Love by ronnietheoutlawtorn Eternal Love :iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 1 11 Ronnie by ronnietheoutlawtorn Ronnie :iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 0 13 Three Necesities by ronnietheoutlawtorn Three Necesities :iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 0 9 Ankh by ronnietheoutlawtorn Ankh :iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 1 9 Shackled by My Senses by ronnietheoutlawtorn Shackled by My Senses :iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 2 14
Fade Away
Fade Away
(Fading away...)
(I can feel my time is fading away...)
I spoke the words to you,
what returned was denial.
We had not known eachother,
save our desires.
I was a fool to say,
you didn't feel the same.
But something told me
that I wasn't to blame.
I heard you say
you wished you cared for me.
Well baby,
what's it gonna be?
'Cause I've been waiting,
but my time is fading.
I am here for you,
are you there for me?
(I need to hear you say that you care for me.)
Pictures of good times,
of you and I.
Brilliant in color,
everlasting in time.
These pictures will last.
Though still time will test.
Through most we've gotten past.
Be strong to leave out all the rest.
I heard you say
you thought you cared for me.
Well baby,
what's it gonna be?
'Cause our time is fading...
I've been here for you,
and you are there for me...
Believe me, that's all we need.
(I wanna hear you say that you care for me.)
These precious memories,
ever harder to find,
exist merely in my dreams,
smeared on t
:iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 3 16
Breadth:  1 by ronnietheoutlawtorn Breadth: 1 :iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 2 10 HJ WIP by ronnietheoutlawtorn HJ WIP :iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 0 6 Bra-Design by ronnietheoutlawtorn Bra-Design :iconronnietheoutlawtorn:ronnietheoutlawtorn 0 12


betcha can't have just one by Bob-Rz
Mature content
betcha can't have just one :iconbob-rz:Bob-Rz 408 98
ancient Dawn, flag fen by jamesgreen ancient Dawn, flag fen :iconjamesgreen:jamesgreen 1,168 241
I have lost all hope on finding you,
so this ballad is all the truth.
Sitting here wondering why things are,
sitting here alone with the door ajar.
I can't stand the silence that comes to roars,
I sit here thinking am I truly yours.
All to myself to sit and think,
times where better when I was asleep.
Gone to the void of disorder and impurities,
I sit here to think what has gotten the best of me.
Shall I roam on the streets calling your name,
or should I put an end to it to stop my pain?
At times my thoughts come through, of vengeance, rage and sometimes you.
I do no want to suffer in this flesh,
drinking this bottle but nothing is left.
My feelings are blocked when I cant cry,
my words are trapped on a paper with no time.
Thought I lost you forever ago,
trapped in my cell screaming so shallow.
It's the time I finalized my refuge to my end is near,
trying to stop me is also a fear.
I thought you said you loved me till death do us part,
but you stomped and shattered my already broken he
:iconjokerzwild69:Jokerzwild69 1 2
affection drive
If I recycled
the love littered at your feet
                hearts would starve no more.
:iconoldest-boy:oldest-boy 573 277
Requiem II by arminmersmann Requiem II :iconarminmersmann:arminmersmann 936 152 Sidebar Skin by MSP07 Sidebar Skin :iconmsp07:MSP07 290 116 orange apple banana by DivineError orange apple banana :icondivineerror:DivineError 1,831 401
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the joy of figure painting by Bob-Rz
Mature content
the joy of figure painting :iconbob-rz:Bob-Rz 5,443 1,359
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Lucky Ronnie
United States
I feel as if that which I post on this site is not a good portrayal of my artistic ability, and therefore have stored all of my deviations.

If there are permalinks to any of my deviations anywhere on deviantART (I know there is at least one news feature) they should still be active.

I will no longer be posting my work to this site.  Maybe I will finally finish an online portfolio site of my own one of these days; but until then, I will be using thegoldenratio and will concentrate strictly on draftsmanship.

Goodbye and good luck.


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